Do you know you are supposed to help more people, 

share your tools and gifts, but you aren’t sure how?

The Accunect Practitioner Development & Certification Program

  • Increase your Confidence and Credibility
  • Get more Clients 
  • Know What to say to Clients
  • Make a Living doing what you LOVE
  • Fill Your Client Book - make more of a difference
  • Increase Your Results 
  • Boost Referrals
  • Accunect Practitioner Certification
  • Accunect Practitioner Website Listing

Do you find it hard to explain what you are doing to your clients?

Would you like to know which marketing techniques are going to give you the best bang for your buck and build your clients, so that you don't get frustrated wasting time doing the wrong thing?

Do you want to have a successful viable practice but don't know where to start - it just seems too hard?

This is a course for well seasoned practitioners or absolute beginners 

- to start or grow you practice and practice skills.

Sarah Simonis & Don Ka'imi Pilipovich,

Founders of Accunect and Future Medicine Today

Hi Accunectors,

Both of us have been extremely busy and successful in practice - and even had waiting lists ...

... but ...

... neither of us started off that way.

"I (Sarah) had tried to start a successful practice over many years.  I didn’t feel confident with any of my modalities, I was scared that people would think I was weird.  On top of that I wasn’t charging enough for what I was doing, and my practice wasn’t working.  

Then finally...

Everything turned around... I started to implement easy tools and strategies to grow my business, increase clients and I got my successful waiting list practice.  I had happy clients with lots of referrals and I could finally earn a decent living while making a difference."

"For the first few years of my practice, I (Ka’imi) had no confidence in what I was doing and that wasn’t helped by the fact that I was very shy.  I was barely charging, and nobody took me seriously.  Luckily for me I got a job in a 5 Star Spa resort.  They gave me a constant flow of clients and were charging $160 dollars for my time.  While the spa filled my calendar, I was able to focus on my practitioner ‘being-ness’ and how to communicate effectively with clients.  This is where I gained confidence, and skills with my clients, so I could start my own successful private practice."

You can have these results too with our mentoring, coaching and step by step practicals from the Accunect Practitioner Development & Certification Program.  In this course we are going to show and teach you these strategic systematic steps and skills so that you can shorten your learning curve and boost or jump start your practice for success. 

The Practitioner Development Program is About so Much More Than The Practicalities of Practice and Marketing Your Practice

You already know how to do Accunect - that's the easy part!

Now it’s time to gain confidence, open up to receiving the abundance that you deserve, doing the work that inspires you and that you are passionate about.  By the end of the programme you will have all the tools you need to feel confident and ready to continue to build your successful energy medicine practice.


...it’s not about working harder -  it is about working smarter, doing the right things and the energetic shifts that come with the accompanying balancing as you go through the process and step into your successful practice.

This course is a STEP BY STEP formula using all the tools to help you set up, promote and gain confidence and success in all aspects of practice.  You will be given the tools, lectures, balancing, step by step homework exercises, marketing tools and specific lessons to talk about what you.

It’s designed specifically to work on many levels - at a practical level with logistics, with practitioner development knowledge as well as at an energetic level.  It will Boost all levels of your practice and what you do. 

What Others Reported About Taking This Course

The first series of this course in 2010 was very popular and launched many students into actually being in practice. The course also received great reviews.  The post course survey taken immediately after the course, was conducted with both new and existing practitioners and revealed that:

  • check
    96 % said that the course had increased their confidence
  • check
    70% said that they had already increased their client base
  • check
    100% said they would recommend this course to others

“Wow! This series is the practical application of how to set up your business. This series is posing the practical questions to reformat my business… It is hard to say which lecture I enjoyed most. The distance sessions give a whole new dimension to the form of my practice – what wise words. This is the type of series we have been waiting for… Since commencing the course 2-3 new clients are ringing a week” 

Hilary Carlile, Accunect Practitioner and Adv CBP, New Zealand

Let Us Tell You Exactly What Your Getting to Build and Grow Your Practice

All modules available on the online classroom where you can listen to the recordings, watch the videos and download the materials.  

The lectures and handouts cover everything you need to get successfully launched in practice or take your practice to the next level. Here's a  list of some of the topics covered in the 5 Modules:

Module 1 - Personal Development for The Practitioner

  • check
    Course Overview
  • The role of the practitioner and expertness in the ‘Being-ness’ of the practitioner - it is more important for you client results than what you do 
  • check
    Personal growth from mirroring and projection - how to learn and become a more powerful, effective healer with every client you see
  • check
    Understanding of the dynamics and ethics of client interactions
  • check
    Holding the space for more powerful results - what does holding the space really mean and how to do it
  • check
    What makes an excellent practitioner vs a good practitioner

Module 2 - Excellence in Logistics and Practical Systems  

Module 3 - Explaining Accunect Concepts

  • Proficiency of communication with authority so that your client is confident and trusts you - how to talk about each of the Accunect Concepts in a way that your clients can understand
  • Connect Concepts
  • Zoom Concepts
  • check
    Ancient Wisdom Concepts
  • check
    Your 2-5 Minute Lecture
  • check
    Tips to increase referrals through good communication of what you are doing

Module 4 - Ethics for Practitioner and Client Safety 

  • The skills of how to set your fees appropriately or increase your fees 
  • check
    Familiarity about how to be ethical and professional and both you and your clients can be safe - legal ethical standards
  • check
    Mastery of the YES/NO and ethics of muscle checking - how to stay humble, have powerful sessions and empower your clients for growth and development
  • check
    Challenging cases and how to handle them
  • check
    The dexterity to integrate Accunect seamlessly with your other modalities - Mixing Modalities
  • check
    Taking Care of Yourself as a Practitioner - how to do that - so that you stay safe, avoid burnout and get better results

Module 5 - Marketing Your Practice 

  • Practical tools for marketing and feeling confident when communicating about what you do
  • How to market your practice - using different marketing tools
  • Get a steady flow of clients - using these two tips 
  • check
    Have a successful business - doing what you love - making a difference to lots of people
  • check
    All aspects of a successful business - what areas do you need to develop and how do you
  • check
    Fallable flyer to speak directly to YOUR ideal client
  • check
    PPTS that communicate powerfully for any Accunect Introduction Occasion - to small groups or at big speaking events - focus on being amazing, not on what you are going to say

How Are The Materials Delivered?

  • 5 Modules of Step by Step instructions & resources on the online classroom to develop & grow your practice
  • check
    Powerful marketing toolkit for marketing your practice and getting clients
  • Upon Completion if you have taken Accunect Connect you will become a Certified Accunect Practitioner, CAP
  • If you have taken Accunect - you will also receive one years Certified Practitioner Listing on the Accunect Website, with photograph and contact details
  • check
    19+ Audios, videos, downloads 
  • check
    10 Powerful balancings for work with the mindset and consciousness shifts of the practitioner
  • check
    4 pronged approach - using lessons/lectures, exercises/worksheets, practical tools and balancings for each learning style
  • check
    Scripts of what to say:  How to contact people , how to explain different techniques and what to say in a consultation 
  • check
    Accunect Introduction PPTS - fill in your personal details and do a Professional Accunect presentation for any audience
  • check
    Practitioner exercises to gain proficiency so that you don't have to fake it till you make it!
  • check
    Mentoring and Q&A's on the online fb group
  • check
    Handouts, worksheets, exercises and other materials 

What Are Other People Saying?

"The Accunect Practitioner Development Program & Certification course is truly excellent.  I’ve been practicing Energy Healing for 7 years..., and was delighted with this course.  The balancings included in the course are very powerful!  If you’re on the fence about doing the Certification course, I would encourage you to do so."

Jennifer Dousset, Accunect Practitioner, MT USA

“My practice doubled in size since participating in this series. ” 

Jill Knightly

“This program has proven to be an investment, not only in my own personal growth but  also  in the growth  of my practice as well... my clients benefit, and I benefit..." 

Jane, USA

“Seriously, I have lost the ability to express how excellent the and what it means to my practice"

Cameron Walker, NZ

You Are ALSO Getting 5 Live Weekly Calls
with Q&A's & Coaching - Support with Materials,
Marketing your Practice & Certification

The calls are only a Bonus Limited for this time and have a value of $300USD  

The call dates and times are: 

1. Live Call - Saturday 16th March 5pm UK time, 1pm EDT, 10am PDT, 6am DT (next day)

2. Live Call - Saturday 23rd March 5pm UK time, 1pm EDT, 10am PDT, 6am DT (next day)

3. Live Call - Sunday 31st March 5pm UK time, Noon EDT, 9am PDT, 5am NZDT (next day)

4. Live Call - Sunday 7th April 5pm UK time, Noon EDT, 9am PDT, 4am NZST (next day)

5. Live Call - Saturday 13th April 5pm UK time, Noon EDT, 9am PDT, 4am NZST (next day) 

You Are ALSO Getting
The Full Client Book Formula - Marketing Made Easy 

All of the information is also online - in audios, handouts, worksheets and exercises.

These are the exact techniques that Sarah used to build her successful practice.  She has included handouts and worksheets to help you get your system organised and set up.  You will use the exact methods of building a practice that got her a waiting list in a short number of months and nearly doubling her fees in 12 months.  

P.S. (They are perfect for shy introverted people - just like me).  

I have also added training on  many more marketing tools and a handout so that you can choose what other more modern methods will work for you, your experience and your personality.  You can add these as a great marketing strategy to grow your business even faster than I did. 

Module 1

Structure and Elements of a Successful Business 

  • check
    What is missing in your practice for success? - What are the gaps you need to fill in for success?
  • check
    Understanding of the dynamics of charging and avoiding sabotage of your clients results 
  • check
    Turn leads into customers
  • check
    Where should you get your clients from? -  The steps to find out where to get your clients from
  • check
    How to get clients to book in with you.  Get a constant flow of consultations to get your clinic sessions booked - follow the proven system
  • check
    The best form of communication to let your prospective clients know that they are about to book in with the best person for the job

Module 2  - Business as Usual Tools

  • Your Flyer - what should you have on your flyer to draw your ideal clients to you - fillible template for different audiences
  • check
    The best strategy to fill your client book. 
  • check
    A system of communication with potential clients to have a full diary with a waiting list - just follow the handouts and worksheets.
  • check
    Scripts with exactly what to say to have people book in.
  • check
    Establishing working partnerships  with other professionals to get lots of referrals.
  • check
    Knacks to get great testimonials and where and how to use them to attract clients to you

Module 3 - Setting Up Packages for a superior service 

  • check
    Give an excellent service to your clients - and get more referrals 
  • check
    More security and more repeat sessions for you
  • The skills of how to set your fees appropriately or increase your fees and feel ethical 
  • check
    Fillible template to setting up block booking packages - to have clients book a block of sessions and get superior value
  • check
    Workable Package Pricing System - so you don't under price yourself with group booking discounts   
  • check
    Selling your packages

Module 4 - Finding Your Ideal Client and Helping Them Find You

  • check
    Identify who is your ideal client
  • Have your clients know you are exactly the right person to help them
  • check
    How can you find your ideal clients
  • check
    The know how tools and worksheets to identify everything you need to work with the exact people just for you
  • check
    How to serve your ideal clients so they come back  
  • check
    How to increase referrals.
  • check
    Get your ideal clients to book in with you

Module 5 - Marketing Tools - where to find traffic and new customers

  • check
    The BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK  marketing tools and platforms
  • check
    Websites - how to set up the best structure for your website to get the most people contacting you - and what not to do (most people don't know this)
  • check
    The understanding of how to market your practice and use different tools to support its success
  • check
    How to get a constant flow on consultations to get your clinic sessions booked
  • check
    Where should you get your clients from?  Exercises to identify where to go in your area.  
  • check
    What marketing tools work best for you, your experience and your personality  - identify and choose YOUR best marketing tools - not what everyone else is telling you to do
  • check
    Understand these marketing tools to attract and communicate with clients - the pros and cons - e-mail, facebook, You-tube, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging 
  • check
    Learn about networking events, speaking engagements, fairs, expos, lectures, clinic events and press coverage  

Module 6 - Talking To People to Have Them Book in With You

  • What to say on every piece of marketing and platform to get more clients 
  • check
    How to speak to people 1-2-1 so they hear exactly how you can help them and know they should see you
  • check
    How to increase referrals
  • check
    What to say in a professional Accunect Introduction lecture, when talking to a group
  • check
    Fallible PPTS - for you to personalize with your own information
  • check
    Proficiency of communication with authority so that your client is confident and trusts you

This course The Full Client Book Formula, has a value of $1000USD and is offered in conjunction with this course for $0 dollars for a limited time - with the Practitioner Development Program.  After the live calls event it will be offered as a separate course for $1000USD. 

Here Is What To Do Next

The investment in this training with all the extras of the Full Client Book Forumla and the 5 Live Q&A coaching calls would normally be $2,747 USD but for now it is only $495 USD.  You’ll get instant access via e-mail to the Online Classroom Page, the recordings, balancings, worksheets and downloads as soon as you complete the form after clicking the button below.

And you’re probably wondering “Why Are you Offering This at This Price?!”


...we are totally committed to teaching Accunect as well as helping you become successful in your practice and having a career doing what you love and making a difference.  We would like to do that at the same time as spreading the work of Accunect around the world.  The paradigm underneath Accunect can transform the world we live in for the better and we are committed to getting that message out there.  So we are offering this course for a super low price right now, to help more of you get into practice and get your Certification...   

We want to make it really easy for you to make the decision to take the course... 

... we want to encourage people to take this program so that we have a list of certified practitioners that we can recommend to people when we are contacted about who we can refer to.  The more people doing the course the more practitioners we will have around the world and more people we will reach.  We want as many successful practitioners as possible.

If you decide to pass on it now, that's totally fine, but the only way you’ll be able to get this additional bonus course material and calls will be by paying the full price once they are posted on the website. 

So you are going to get all of this: 

  • The Accunect Practitioner Development Program, including 5 modules covering everything from inspiring you to be amazing to the logistics of setting up your practice, talking about what you do, being ethical and marketing your practice, marketing tools, Accunect support tools, balancings and exercises - Value: $1,000 USD
  • One year of practitioner listing on www.accunect.com - Value: $145 USD
  • Ten energy balancings to help you become a powerful practitioner - Value: $300 USD
  • check
    The Full Client Book Formula - Value $1,000 USD
  • check
    5 Q&A additional live coaching calls - Value $300 USD

All of this has a value of $2,745 USD . But it is available to you for a limited time for just $495 USD. You can also pay with a two pay of $265 or three pay of $180 options.

You will receive your login details to the Accunect Online Classroom, where you will find access to all the materials for this powerful course. The lectures, accompanying assignments and balancing’s are there for you to go through in YOUR OWN TIME. 

Time is of the Essence

Like we mentioned earlier, you won’t be seeing this offer with the bonus material of Full Client Book Formula and the calls for very much longer as it won’t be available for long.  This will be retailing separately for $1,000USD once the calls are complete. And I am offering it to you for FREE right now as part of this package.  We will also only be offering the years listing for a limited time period so that will also be changing once the program has been running for a while. 

Questions that we have received about the program.

Is there a lot of work?  I’m not sure that I have the time:  Many of the tips don’t require more time as they are different ways of doing things.  There are a few exercises to improve your energetic being-ness as a practitioner and impact on how you are seen by yourself and your clients. There are some short homework’s which will open up new possibilities and give you more efficient ways of getting results. Less energy in to get more results out.  There are lectures and balancing’s to listen to, exercises to do and it will take some effort to get some results and all the content is there to fast track you as a practitioner and save you time in the long run.  The audios, short exercises and accompaniments are released in bite sized chunks weekly over a period of a few months.  There are no time limits, so you can do it at your own pace, let the information be processed and that is what works best for this kind of course.  Ultimately, we have given you the most direct route that we feel you need to take to be professional and successful.  This is not a do lots of work for the sake of it program.

I would like to be a Certified Accunect Practitioner but don’t want to grow my practice as I am already busy and experienced.  Can I become certified without this course?:  This course gives professional out lines and guidance so that we can be happy with every single practitioner listed as certified on our website.  The ethical guidance is what is required for us to support your certification.  We know you can do the work of Accunect but we need to make sure we have given you the information, guidance and support for you to have professional interactions with clients for your own ethical safety as well as the clients.  If you have a busy practice, this course will give you tips and ways to be more efficient and ways to work smarter so you can raise your glass ceiling on what is possible for you.  It will also help you develop further as a practitioner.

What if I’m not sure whether I want to be in practice?  How will it help me?: This course will give you tips and information about talking about what you do and becoming more confident in treating family, friends and yourself and using the modality.  It develops the deeper concepts and theory of healing and how it all works which will ultimately help you with your healing process too.  It works on many of the deeper concepts of healing and also offers balancings that will impact on you in the areas of confidence, success and being open to receiving a life that you are loving.   The marketing aspects will help you develop any business if that is something you are interested in.  You don’t have to want to be in practice at this point but you may find that it opens up other possibilities for you.  

How do I know if it’s worth it?:  Think of what it is that you want to get out of the program.  If you want to boost your confidence as a practitioner, develop and grow your practice and spend more time getting paid to do the work you love, ask yourself what you would pay to get those things.  Is $495USD is worth having those things?  That is ultimately a handful of clients worth of business which is going to be your return shortly after starting the course.  There is so much value in this course.  It won’t be at this price for ever and the bonus will not be included for long either so if you want to get this value then we suggest you purchase is now. We also offer payment plan options so that you can get going now and pay later – after you have more clients to pay for the investment.

We look forward to you joining us on the Accunect Practitioner Development Program with Certification and Practitioner Listing

Best wishes, 

Sarah and Ka’imi

Learn More About Your Instructors

The practitioner Development Program is mentored by Sarah Simonis and Dr. Donald Ka'imi Pilipovich DAc. LMT founders of Accunect and Future Medicine Today.  Prior to teaching, Sarah has had a waiting list practice and a background of many healing modalities, personal development, conscious awareness development and life coaching.  She brings vast experience in healthcare and social change PR and marketing having launched government Health Education initiatives at a national and local 

level such as 5 Fruit and Veg a Day, No Smoking Day and The Skin Cancer Campaign.  She has worked for charities such as the British Lung Foundation, and The World Cancer Research Fund as well as for The Body Shop.  She has a special interest in working with and empowering women by helping them connect to their own truth and power.  She brings her skills and background to this practical step-by-step course. 

Dr. Donald Ka’imi Pilipovich, DAc. Dr. Pilipovich is committed to helping people find their potential and true destiny.  He is a doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a Shiatsu-Anma Instructor and licensed massage therapist. His experience in alternative health care, treating over 25,000 clients and training over 6000 students in the last 20 years, includes training in Accunect, Manual Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Oriental Bodywork and how to be successful in practice. Ka’imi was previously an Advanced Senior BodyTalk Instructor, Senior Vice-President in charge of Instructors for the International BodyTalk Association as well as creating courses for the IBA curriculum. 

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